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Buenos Burritos

Perfect as Snacks or for Meals, Our Burritos Are Always “In Demand.” Mild, Hand-Rolled Flour Burritos Loaded with Meat, Cheddar Cheese and Authentic Mexican Spices.

Templado, Burritos de Harina de Mano-Arrolló Cargaron con Carne, el Queso Cheddar y Mexicano Especias Auténtico.

Beef & Cheese
Blue Ribbon Top Seller!
4 Per Pkg
Carne y Queso . 4 Por Pkg.
Nutritional Information

Chicken & Cheese
4 Per Pkg.
Pollo y Queso 4 Por Pkg
Nutritional Information



“The best burritos in the world! A+++.”

Jeremy S, Kansas

“I purchased some of your burritos through a local (fundraising) group and LOVED them.”

Angela W, Kansas